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You don’t have to hack anyone’s phone to know summer’s here. But there are just a few more things to think about before putting up your feet and topping up your tan.
The next few months should ideally be about barbeques, beaches and, good-grief-not-again, the return of Big Brother. But right after that, anyone who wants to go to uni will have to choose which ones to apply for. And it can pay to start early.
Uni students are good at enjoying their summers too, so now’s a good time for visiting unis and seeing some of them there. You have to wait until September to  see them full of students, but right now is when you might have more time. By the time you should be aiming to get your application done next term, you can have half your choosing done.
80% of graduates from courses in complementary medicine are now working in the field. On the other hand less than one in eight media studies graduates get jobs in the media within six months of leaving uni.
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You might have heard that the university world is facing a big shake-up. The Government’s recently announced how it wants to run things differently.
For one thing, the fees have gone up. Unis can ‘charge’ anything up to £9,000 for teaching you. But it’s not like it’s a real fee. You don’t pay any of it till you finish. Even then, you only pay if you earn over £21,000 a year and you pay the same small slice of your salary regardless of what the fees were. In fact, many people who don’t earn lots immediately out of uni, will end up paying less per year than they would under the current system. 
The basic idea, so the Government say, is to put “students at the heart” of it and to make universities compete more with each other. Some critics, however, think that instead of offering a better experience to get more students, universities will just spend less on teaching, get fewer students and still make a profit.
The last few months have seen a lot of discussion around the idea of private, profit-making unis. For-profit university group BPP is planning to open 10 new private universities across the country. Meanwhile AC Grayling, a philosophy professor at the Universities of London and Oxford, has announced plans to open his own arts university, with famous lecturers like Richard Dawkins. Grayling’s uni is planning to charge £18,000 a year, making the new fees look practically cheap.
The rules will also be relaxed to allow more further education colleges to teach uni-level courses. In other words, places that are more used to teaching BTECs and A levels may soon be offering degrees too. 
Applicants to Thames Valley University will end up graduating from the University of West London. Don’t worry, it’s just the name that’s changing. The University, which has expanded since it got its old name in 1992, has said it feels its new name will better reflect its current identity. 
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