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With results in hand, it’s either congratulations or commiserations. But what happens next?
What should I be doing now?
Your AS level grades could be punch-the-air good or cringingly awful, but either way are going to make it easier to choose the right uni for YOU. Have a look at the site to see if the course you are thinking about is the right one to get you into the career you are thinking about.
These grades give you some idea of what next year’s results day might have in store. That lets you know which unis might wet their pants in anticipation of your application and which might be less excited. If you’re staring at a row of As, for instance, your world is definitely oyster-shaped. But three Ds may tell you just as much because they mean not wasting an application on somewhere that will eventually say no anyway.
For anyone whose results weren’t quite what they’d hoped for, it doesn’t have to be doom or gloom. After all, this is just the trial run. Next year’s results are the ones people actually care most about. There’s still time to shine up the grades and now you know how hard to polish.
Did you know? 
The average graduate earns around 30% more than someone with just A levels.
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What will you spend studying where?
Ever wondered which uni will cost you the most? We don’t mean on the fees, we mean on the eating, drinking and credit cards. The Push Student Debt Survey answers just those questions and more. It’s a complete look at what student’s owe all around the country. So if money’s got you waking up at night then why not check it out at