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BC4Me Newsletter March 2012
Whether you’re entering the final straight of that great race we call university application or just getting out of the blocks, BC4Me has got a few things to think about before you hit that finishing line. Ready. Set. Go!
What should I be doing now?
• If you’re in year 13
• If you’re in year 12
If you’re in Year 13, then hopefully you’re settling on your Firm and Insurance (aka back-up) uni choices. Of course we hope you’ve checked out in person those that you’re keen on. You haven’t? Well then, get yourself round there, start snooping through the cupboards and make sure you like what you see. If they haven’t got an open day, make your own arrangements to visit.
If you need help deciding between offers, check out where those courses might lead. Even courses with the same name, but run by different unis can have radically different outcomes for the future – different careers, different pay. BC4Me can help you make comparisons right down to individual courses. Plus, you can now get more details on employment prospects and a summary of A-level entrance facts and stats through the Search Summary feature.
Maybe though, you’re still waiting on offers? Maybe you’ve got interviews to go to? Our friends at have advice on finding the way through the process. 
But whether you’re handling offers, considering clearing or allowing for adjustment, don’t rush into anything you’re not 100% happy with. It’s your decision. Think of it like an episode of Take Me Out, only in this instance everyone involved has a great deal more dignity and self-respect.
Meanwhile, if you’re in Year 12, now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about what it is you’re interested in. Got a career, course or just a general subject area in mind? Head over to the BC4Me website to scout through and begin comparing your possible options. You’ll find video tutorials to guide you through the goodness.
Did you know? 
People with a degree in Imaginative Writing earn on average £905 a week. However on average you’ll earn more, for longer, with a degree in an area like English Literature. When choosing your course or subject think about leaving your options open
Beat the Scare Stories
Recent graduates are more likely to be working in lower-skilled jobs than they were 10 years ago, new figures suggest. More than a third of recent graduates were in non-graduate jobs at the end of 2011 - up from about a quarter in 2001. While this may seem worrying this means finding the course you need to get the right skills for employment becomes even more important and BC4Me can help you make those crucial decisions.
Uni Copy for College
A London college has replicated an Oxbridge teaching room to help potential applicants get used to the surroundings. The converted staffroom features furniture and fittings typical to an Oxford don’s teaching room, including a few imitation historic statues. Want to find out more about Oxford and Cambridge without having to convert your garden shed into a Common Room? Take a look at BC4Me to see what they have to offer