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bC4me May Newsletter
May typically marks a time of exams, revision and coursework deadlines. Hurrah! A time of joy and excitement I’m sure you’d agree? OK, maybe not. But take your head from out of your hands because once they’re out of the way there’s all manner of good stuff to look forward to. And as ever we’re here to guide you through it all.
What Should I Be Doing Now?
If you’re in Year 13, the end is in sight but as we stressed in last month’s newsletter you’ve still got to put the time in and get those pesky exams out of the way. Once they’re packed up and flung to one side it’s a case of waiting for results and, with any luck getting what you need to stride into the uni, job or apprenticeship that you want. 
In the meantime how do you fill those summer months? Is a job or some work experience what you’re after? If so, we’ll have more on that later. Are you heading to higher education? Well, if you’re looking for some more hints, tips and general insider knowledge into uni life check out our friends who’ll make sure you get the know-how you need for the September start.
If you’re in Year 12, pull out your diary and get ready to fill June and July with uni open-days as this really is open-day busy season. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to tour around the country visiting every single institution (as rock and roll as that may sound), so the bC4me website is a perfect place to start your uni hunt. By checking out uni, career and subject stats you can start to get some ideas about the places you’d like to check out and those that you’d like to avoid. 
Did You Know?
Of the graduates who went into a career in ‘Hairdressing and Related Occupations’, 20% had a degree in Design Studies (9% had degrees in Chinese Studies). Meanwhile, of ‘Draughtspersons and Building Inspectors’, 51% had degrees in Architecture. Ask yourself if your career path really requires a degree? If so is there a specific degree you need? 
Facebook Competition
We know students are becoming an increasingly savvy bunch when it comes to cash and so do our friends at Bright Knowledge. They’ve teamed up with discount saving code website Savoo to find young people’s most interesting and unusual ways to stretch their cash with a new Facebook competition. To enter, applicants need to post their most imaginative money-saving tip on to the Facebook page competition tab, in the form of a photo, video or written piece, with the most popular entry winning a Fujifilm FinePix L55 12MP digital camera and their tip published on Bright Knowledge into the bargain.
Vacation Vacancies
As well as being a great time to unwind in the sun the summer holidays are also a great time to get a couple of months of work. Whatever your plans might be it’s a perfect opportunity to get some experience or an internship in an area you’re interested in or maybe just get some money together. Student Jobs is a site packed with possibilities – part-time jobs, holiday jobs, year out jobs, even graduate jobs.