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So, the summer is over and those exam results are in. Whether you've just completed your GCSEs or your AS exams, bestCourse4me have got some great tips to help kickstart the route to your future career...

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•What should I be doing now… at the start of year 12?
•What should I be doing now… at the start of year 13?
•Did you know?
•Top tip: Knowing it all
•Top tip: Ucas applications


If you’ve just started year 12…

You don’t need bestCourse4me to tell you that it's all happening now. You've just recovered from your GCSEs and already you need to start thinking of university. If you're thinking of going, the first uni applications are less than 13 months away. Seriously, that's not as long as it sounds. So why not use those spare moments of your day to begin exploring a course you'd really enjoy? Whether you want to go to uni or are looking at alternative options when leaving year 13, bestCourse4me can help you find the perfect course for you.

If you’ve got a course in mind already, see where other people have ended up who did your subject or attended a uni you've got your heart set on. What line of work are they in, what do they earn?

If you’ve just started year 13…

The first application deadlines (for Oxbridge and medical courses) are on October 15th - less than a month away. And by then, applications have started to pile in to all unis and courses. Now's the time you need good info more than ever.  You've got five slots on your UCAS application, so don’t take up a valuable space with a uni that your dad or best mate wants you to go to - unless you want to go there too.

Remember: it's you who'll be dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and running to class, not them, so make sure all 5 options are the right courses for you. Will it lead you where you want to go? What about other courses? Other career routes? Is uni even the right thing for you? Check out bC4Me to work out your Plan B, as well as your plan A, C, D and E.


Norland College, the famous 100-year old nanny academy, has recently taken on its first male student. Norland Nannies are a distinctive sight, with white gloves, beige dress and a felt hat, but Michael Kenny will instead wear tweed jacket, beige trousers and matching tie.

TOP TIP: Knowing it all

No two unis are the same when it comes to course content. A history degree at Durham University could be completely different to history at Southampton. Use bestCourse4me to check out all the tiny little details of any courses you're interested in, so no major surprises crop up in the middle of your first year. This is essential to do, whether you're in year 12 and just beginning to research courses, or in year 13 and giving your 5 UCAS choices one final going over.

TOP TIP: UCAS applications

Remember that you can choose any five courses (they don't all have to be the same subject) but then do consider that you only get to write one personal statement for all your choices. Once you're happy with your course choices, use bc4me to find out all the details you can. The more you know about what your course requires of you, the more you can make sure you write a personal statement that demonstrates why you are perfect for the course.

Explore bC4Me to see how many courses there are out there that you may not have thought about…