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As the days get shorter and university application deadlines are looming, bestCourse4me has all info you need to decide which courses and universities you should be applying to, and to help you make sure your personal statement is as good as you are.

What to think about if you’re in year 12
By now, we hope you will have used bestCourse4me to find out which courses are best for your career plans, or where your current qualifications might take you. Now it’s time to find out if you can get in. Every course at every uni will have different things that they’re looking for in their students. Some courses know what they want and are very strict about what you need to get an offer, others are more open.
How many points will I need? Some courses will be quite strict about the number of points you need. Some will offer a large range of points. Some unis will say that some of these points have to come from certain subjects, or from certain kinds of qualification. Some unis will ask for a points value and then also ask for a portfolio, examples of your work or an interview. No two unis have the same entry requirements.
Where can I find out where I can get in? Uni websites and brochures will give you the entry requirements of all their courses, as will the UCAS website. But you can use bestCourse4me to find out the actual qualifications that students had who studied specific courses at specific universities. We have created short 'how-to' videos to show you how to get the information you need about entry qualifications,
You can also use the Uni Chooser from our friends at Push. After you told it what you’re studying and your predicted grades, just answer a few questions about what you want to study and where you want to study and the Uni Chooser will tell you which unis do the right subject, are in the right place and where you stand a chance of getting in.
Remember, if you’re still not sure what courses are best for you, visit bestCourse4me to find out.
What to think about if you’re in year 13
If you haven’t applied already, then it’s time to really get your skates on. You probably already know where you want to go and what you want to do and maybe you’re just putting the finishing touches to your personal statement? Well, now is the time to be shining them up and shipping them off. Here’s our checklist of things of think about when finishing your personal statement.
• Is it readable?
• Have you checked for spelling mistakes?
• Does it make sense?
• Is it snappy?
• Is it entertaining?
• Does it seem too big headed?
• Is it original?
• Is it relevant?
• Are there any wasted words?
• Does it explain your passion for your chosen course?
• Does it support that passion with actual examples?
• Does it make you want to offer you a place?
• Do you talk about the courses you are applying for in relation to your ambitions and/or career goals?
In the news
Applications for Oxford, Cambridge, medical and veterinary schools have gone up by 2% on last year. Of course, this number doesn’t include people who have applied to other unis and courses, so, if you don’t want to get to the party late, get your application in as soon as you can. You can read more here.
Aberystwyth University student bar to close. Students have Aberystwyth have been looking after their pennies and swapping beer for coffee, meaning that their student bar has had to close. How much will it cost you to go to uni? Visit the bestCourse4me money page to get the skinny on student cash
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